Treatment of Impotence

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Treatment of Impotence

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Who is the Person to Complain to?

If a man is sure that he has encountered psychogenic erectile dysfunction, and there is no organic factor the problem has arisen for the first time or repeatedly, but after a long period of time the problem cannot be solved independently, it is necessary to seek help from a psychologist (or to a specialty doctor – a sexologist).

If a man believes that the erectile issues are caused by hormone imbalance, he should consult an endocrinologist. The doctor will prescribe a laboratory analysis for hormones in the blood, ultrasound of the endocrine glands, and computed tomography.

When impotence is due to the issues with the peripheral nervous system, spinal cord or brain, it is necessary to seek help from a neurologist. In this case, the diagnosis can be made using computer tomography of the spinal cord and brain, electroencephalography and other techniques.
If impotence is caused by impaired blood flow to the penis, Doppler sonography (ultrasound) will be employed. Further, blood pressure in the brachial artery and in the artery of the penis should be compared after the administration of vasodilators.

Impotence can be of different nature, however, in any case, diseases of the urogenital system as the most likely cause of the development of erectile dysfunction should be excluded. To this end, an urologist or andrologist should be resorted to, who will refer for ultrasound, urine, blood, sperm, prostate secretions.

Treatment of Impotence

Psychological impotence is more common and easier to treat. If the disorder is of an organic nature, then to control it a comprehensive individual treatment is needed. Such therapy can be prescribed only by a doctor based on the results of careful and accurate diagnosis.

To recover potency, it is necessary:
• Normalize the work and rest schedule. Have a good sleep.
• Keep a healthy diet. The diet should contain a large amount of protein and a balanced complex of vitamins. You cannot abstain from meat, dairy products, or eggs. Nut and greens also have a positive effect on the sexual function.
• Overcome the psychological factor. As pointed out earlier Fear of failure will lead to new failures. A ring can be broken by creating a full mutual understanding between partners and providing mutual support. The role of a woman is very important here, because a man must be sure that his failure will not lead to resentment and reproaches.
• You can also use folk treatment for impotence. There are many products to stimulate the production of the male hormone testosterone and thus have a positive effect on potency. Such products include nuts, pumpkin seeds, celery, and parsley. Useful are also tinctures of ginger, ginseng, decoctions of oak bark and various herbs.
• If you cannot overcome psychogenic impotence yourself, you should seek help from a psychotherapist.

The above measures, including popular treatment of impotence, are effective only when combating a problem that is of a psychological nature. If they do not work, then the probability of having organic factors is high. They can be eliminated only by full-fledged treatment of impotence.

Medication Erection

Treatment of organic impotence can be either medicated or surgical. Today, pharmacies offer drugs to ensure persistent erection. These drugs include “Viagra”, “Levitra”, “Cialis”. They have a good effect even in the event of serious organic problems with potency. However, these drugs have a serious burden on the body and a number of contraindications, and therefore these cannot be used regularly. In addition, their frequent use can lead to the dependence due to a violation of the natural mechanism of erection.

As practice shows, even serious violations, which caused untreatable erectile dysfunction, are not a verdict today. In the presence of such problems, the possibility of a normal sexual life for a man can be restored by installing special flexible implants in the penis. The only drawback of the implantation is that the erection achieved in this way is permanent until the implants are removed. The second surgical method of treatment, which less radical, yet less effective, is the insertion of additional blood supply vessels into the cavernous bodies of the penis. This method is used if vascular nature of impotence is proven, and has a temporary effect only. The patency of additional arteries will decreases with time.

Preventive Treatment of Impotence

To maintain male health for the longest possible period of life, you should:
• Live a healthy lifestyle. Normalize the work and rest schedule. Keep healthy diet.
• Abstain from alcohol and nicotine. These will harm the body in general and sexual function in particular, even in small dosage.
• Normalize the sexual life: do not abuse masturbation, interrupted sexual intercourse, refuse frequent change of partners.
• Regularly consult the urologist to timely detect and treat the diseases.
• Thoroughly monitor the potency in order to timely eliminate any deviations.
• Establish healthy relationship with a sexual partner.

Over time, every man will face a natural decline in his sexual abilities. This is inevitable. However, whether the first serious problems arise at 30 or 50 depends on the lifestyle and careful attitude to one's health.

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